Assoc.Prof. Nguyen Ngoc Minh was born in 1979 in Thai Nguyen city. He did his PhD study in Germany and also worked as visiting scholar at different academic institutions in Germany, USA and UK. Since coming back to Vietnam, he has been teaching at the Faculty of Environmental Sciences, University of Science, Vietnam National University, Hanoi. The research of his group is primarily concerned with biogenic silica (phytolith) with the findings applicable to soil nutrient management and environmental protection.


Nguyen, N.M., Dultz, S., Picardal, F., Bui, T.K.A., Pham, V.Q., Schieber, J., 2015. Release of potassium accompanying the dissolution    of    rice    straw     phytolith.   Chemosphere,  119, 371–376.

The paper entitled “Release of potassium accompanying the dissolution of rice straw phytolith“, based on X-ray micro-tomographic analysis, described a silicaceous structure so-called phytolith in rice plant. This phytolith structure contains various nutrients including potassium which could be recycled to the field for crops. This work highlights the potassium pool in rice straw, an abundant resource in Vietnam.