Professor Nguyen Ba An was born in 1950 in Nghe An, Vietnam. He graduated from Azerbaijan State University (Former USSR) in 1975 and since then has been working at Institute of Physics, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology. His research fields include solid state physics, nonlinear optics, quantum optics and quantum information. He published about 200 scientific papers (among them more than 150 papers were in ISI journals). He has been serving as a visiting professor at many international research institutes and universities.


Nguyen Ba An, 2010. Joint remote state preparation via W and W-type states. Optics Communications, Vol.283, 4113-4117

In 2008, Professor Nguyen Ba An and his colleague put forward a new protocol (which they named Joint Remote State Preparation – JRSP) that allows two or more individuals, only by means of local operation and classical communication, to faithfully co-prepare a quantum state at a remote location without leaking the information to anyone, including the preparers themselves.  The key idea is to split the full set of information of the state to be co-prepared into subsets, each sent to a preparer. The conventional ways of information splitting are suitable for shared quantum channels in the form of GHZ and EPR entangled states, but do not suit to the so-called W or W-type entangled states. In the award-winning work, a new way of information splitting is proposed allowing JRSP to be performed, regardless of the entanglement degree of the W or W-type states, and without the need of having high-tech equipments at the receiver’s location. The acronym “JRSP” has been recognized in the community.