Prof. Dr. Sci. Nguyễn H. V. Hưng was born in 1954 in Hanoi. He has been well-known to a lot of student generations by his two books “Abstract Algebra” (Vietnam Education Publishing House, 1998), and “Linear Algebra” (Vietnam National University’s Press, 2000). The books are highly ranked in their fields in Vietnam. He has been working in the Department of Mathematics, Mechanics, and Computer Science, College of Science, Vietnam National University. He has published 43 scientific articles in highly ranking international scientific journals.


Nguyễn H. V. Hưng, 2012. The homomorphisms between the Dickson-Mùi algebras as modules over the Steenrod algebra. Mathematische Annalen (Springer) 353, 827-866.

The Dickson-Mùi algebra plays a key roll in several phenomena of modern Algebraic Topology. The algebra is an important part in the study of Prof. Nguyễn H. V. Hưng during the 38-year period. The awarded article determines explicitly all the A-module homomorphisms between the (reduced) Dickson–Mùi algebras and all the A-module automorphisms of the (reduced) Dickson–Mùi algebras. It proves that the reduced Dickson–Mùi algebra is atomic in the meaning that if an A-module endomorphism of the algebra is non-zero on the least positive degree generator, then it is an automorphism. This particularly shows that the reduced Dickson–Mùi algebra is an indecomposable A-module.