Launching the 2015 Ta Quang Buu prize

The Ministry of Science and Technology will approve the scientific works that nominated for the Ta Quang Buu Award 2015 in the middle of next month. The Prize ceremony is expected will be held in May.

Deputy Minister of Science and Technology Pham Cong Tac (center) was discussing with scientists at the meeting this morning. Photo: Viet Anh

This year, the Ta Quang Buu Prize, that is an honor for scientists in basic research, is evaluated and awarded for basic research publications in the fields of natural sciences and engineering: Mathematics, Information and Computer Science, Physics, Chemistry, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Biology, Engineering and technology sciences, Pharmacy and Medical sciences, Agricultural sciences and other Natural Sciences, said in yesterday’s meeting by Dr. Do Tien Dzung, Excutive director of National Foundation for Science and Technology Development, Ministry of Science and Technology.

According to Dr. Dzung, participants in the Ta Quang Buu Prize include scientists shall be the main authors of outstanding basic scientific works in the above fields. The Prize includes from one to three Main prizes and one Young Scientist prize (under 35 years old) who is the main author of outstanding scientific work

Each Prize will consist of Certificate of Prize by Minister of Science and Technology; and Prize money valuates 200 million (for Main prizes); or 50 million VND (for Young scientist prize).

Scientists who want register for the Ta Quang Buu Prize can submit application to National Foundation for Science and Technology Development: from March 6th to April 18th this year. The application forms are posted on the fund’s website at The Prize’s evaluation and selection will be conducted from April 20th to May 15th and the Prize Ceremony will be held in May.

Deputy Minister of Science and Technology Pham Cong Tac, President of the Ta Quang Buu Prize organization committee said that, this Prize is presented in basic science field in order to promote the application of science in production and industry in the near future.

Assoc. Prof. Tran Trong Hoa, Institute of Geology, said that the prize winning scientists need to be give the better working conditions, so that the Prize does not just lie on the paper. If science and technology organizations are not attracted only in being awarding, the quality of research will be increased.

Talking to VnExpress, Prof. Ngo Viet Trung, chairman of the Prize organization committee last year, said that, to create the better research conditions for the prize winning scientists, Vietnam could have a flexible mechanism for financially, consider increasing the prize value to improve their working conditions. In Germany, for example, an award worth up to two million Euros, and that money is not for the prize-winning scientist himself, but also for their research. Prof. Trung said that Vietnam currently has limits on financial norms for inter-ministerial prizes.

In addition, according to Prof. Trung, scientists who do basic research in general are all looking forward to expanding opportunities for scientific exchange with external partners. “It is essential in the process of the science development because science is not made for oneself but for an open world. Being supported to attend international conferences is very important” said by Prof. Trung.

Prof. Trung also proposed that Vietnam should have more awards in applied sciences. Scientists in this field desperately need high quality laboratory equipments. The government should have policies to support for scientific research on urgent issues, for example opening key laboratories.

The Ta Quang Buu Prize was held first time last year. There were two scientists that got the honor are Prof. Dr. Nguyen Huu Viet Hung, Department of Mathematics, Natural University, Vietnam National University, Hanoi, in the field of Mathematics and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Ba An, Institute of Physics, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, is in the field of Physics. The prize winning scientific work of Prof. Dr. Hung is “The homomorphism between the Dickson – Mùi algebras as modules over the Steen rod algebra”. And Associate Professor An’s winning scientific work is “Joint remote state preparation via W and W – type states”.

The Ta Quang Buu Prize is annually prize presented by Ministry of Science and Technology to scientists who are the authors of outstanding basic research publications in the field of natural science and engineering, in general to encourage and honor outstanding scientists with excellent achievements in basic research in the fields of natural science and engineering. And in particular to promote Vietnam science and technology and basic research so as to reach international standards; as a premise for Vietnam science and technology integration and development.

Viet Anh – Vnexpress